Kitten Sitting & Socialisation

These mischievous balls of fluff benefit from lots of attention and training during this important development period to grow into happy, healthy adult cats. As well as feeding and grooming you need to devote time for play and training.

If you are worried about leaving your kitten alone for a period of time, we can help you by making regular visits throughout the day.  An hour long visit would include play and training, promoting stimulation and using positive reinforcement. Any additional requirements can be handled and a daily note on your kitten’s activities provided.

Prices from £10 per hour. Please contact us for further information.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Expose them to a range of experiences e.g. new people, noises
  • Socialisation through handling and how to interact with people
  • Toilet training to use the places you have designated
  • Reinforcement of behavioural training you have started
  • Exercise through play
  • Feeding and watering
  • Cleaning up accidents
  • Lots of love and care

Please contact us for further information or special requests.

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Young kitten sitting down looking left
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